Skatepark panorama

Finally got a panorama which will work on all devices, took me a while to figure it. enjoy

Save the Shark Bite Mural

Bristol City Council wants it gone….. Is it because where it is is nice? What about the murals in the rest of the city?  smells fishy


please sign the petition to keep it!

The local council want to remove more local street art

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Playtime: my 2day show at Cribbs Causeway Bristol 23rd Feb

Presented by Bluedot Fine art @ the Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, Pop down y’all

My Pop up show in At Bluedot Fine Art: ‘Blink and It’s Gone’ Sat 24th Nov

My One day solo show courtesy of Bluedot Fine Art.  Sat 24th Nov 5pm-8pm

Address is  Blue Dot Fine Art Cabot Circus ,19 Penn Street, Bristol BS1 3AU

Children Of The Can Release for 1st December

Updated book featuring Bristols top graf writers and street artists made by mr FLX, worth a nose released for 1st Dec. One of the Best places in England for Graffiti and this book will show it, lots of talent, loads of variety.



Graff Time with MR Riks

Keeping up our mission to keep stokes croft colourful and interesting, Heres our piece that was interrupted by an old man being knocked out by some crazy dude. We got the police on him cause that stuff just isn’t on… he was big, knarley and if it could of been one of your relatives he floored.

Mission accomplished


Website Thanks to Yoke

After a year  of  loose planning and  biro diagrams on the back of toilet paper and bribes using veggy  pizza the new website is finally here. Big up to long time friends at Yoke Design formerly known as Cre8ology back in the day. Check their site on their mission to change the world for the better using the power of design as their weapon against the corrupted powers that be. If you like their doodles…. I did them:) If you like what they do give them a holla, If you like my new site…. they did that:) Anyways thats my intro for now, enjoi and if you need a guy who can Illustrate big or small, give us a shout

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