Silent Hobo has been painting walls of Bristol for sometime now with his Graffiti and Illustration skills taking him around much of the UK and Europe. He has been commissioned to paint large scale murals by Councils in Bristol, Belfast, Essex and Norfolk and use his Illustration style for Coca cola, HotWheels, Levis and the Olympics 2012. In 2011 and 2012 Google have worked the talent of Silent hobo commissioning the artist to paint in Dublin for the ‘Summit Against Violent Extremism’ and in Barcelona for the Google VIP party at the Mobile World Congress. His work is now being displayed at their Head Offices in Washington and New York. Early in May He completed a 20 meter mural  workshop at the Basildon Sporting Village for the 2012 Olympics and later in the year he finished a 70m piece for Kidderminster Arts Festival.

Closer to home Hobo was stoked to be part of the ‘Crimes of Passion’ show at the RWA, ‘See no Evil’  and  to be representing Brisfest last year  with the promotional imagery leading up to the Festival. A 24ft dragon is also now on permanent display at the Mshed as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by the Bristol Gallery another Bristol Venue Hobo is proud to be part of. The University of West England is the latest establishment to use the talents of Wei having him run workshops and paint murals to brighten up the campus. For the Artist it has been a very good year and the tide does not look like turning anytime soon.


These are exclusive artworks that are created from the heart. The ideas are represented  on glass finished acrylic and come in exclusive additions of 5. Various works have been exhibited and sold in London and Bristol. Theses can get ordered directly from the artist.

Email for examples that are available or contact via mobile: 07766140831 or email: wei@silenthobo.co.uk



If you have an idea and need to put it to paper, this is where I can help. I will help you visualise your thoughts with a slick style that can be digital, 3d or spray painted to the side of a building



An Illustrator first and foremost with the ability to translate thoughts and ideas into a graphite universe. Add a bit of  Ink and export to photoshop and the possibility of transforming  thoughts into a visual world have become reality. It is even possible to add a 3rd Dimension for character designs.



Providing a Mural service that is up there with the best of them. Large scale and detailed  with a style that covers Characters,Lettering, Scenery and Realistic. If the job requires more hands  there is accessibility with other Artists  who can provide the speed if a deadline is tight and a wall is huge. Professionals with years of experience with a can do attitude day or night. Bedrooms, Walls, Houses everything has potential.


I have worked with large brands such as Coca Cola,Disney, Levis and been employed as lead artist with google . I also paint bedrooms, vans and portraits. I am very flexible so if you have an idea digital, 3d or painted, let me know and I can work to your needs.

Email for examples that are available or contact via mobile: 07766140831 or email: wei@silenthobo.co.uk



Experienced in teaching groups the finer points to photoshop and spray painting.



Email for examples that are available or contact via mobile: 07766140831 or email: wei@silenthobo.co.uk

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